Become your Miracle through

Transformational and Conscious Leadership Coaching!

I support people who have been crushed by circumstances in rebuilding a meaningful life,

I accompany women who are breaking up with a narcissistic sociopath,

I assist those who have submitted to a life written by others in living a future they create,

I partner with women who want to regain control over their body and mind,

I cooperate with leaders facing excessive turnover and exhausted unsatisfied co-workers in order to create a healthier and stimulating workplace.

Are you seeking to

work your way out of darkness?

find a steadier walk of life?

reclaim yourself?

climb out of submission and conformity and become the confident writer of your own story?

create a humankind-friendly environment that will generate well being, motivation, productivity and loyalty?


Become your Miracle!

M ake it happen

I magine where you want to be

R econnect with yourself

A chieve your goals

C reate what you have imagined

L iberate yourself towards your new future

E mbody your true self

Hello and Welcome! I’m Natalie Berridge

A transformational and conscious-leadership certified professional coach, and a writer. I want to help you carve a diamond out of the charcoal smothering your heart, your soul, your life, so you can become your miracle.

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What you can expect from me

I WILL: Be a constant support, cheer you along the way, share tips and resources to help you further and co-write the tale of your new life!




What I offer

Individual Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching Sessions, Team Coaching & Mentoring!


Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what clients say:

“Excellent professional, very humane.  She brought a lot to my life.  Since our sessions together, I have become much more assertive and aware that I have to be my true self without trying to please everybody all the time.  She gave me the tools to “carve my inner diamond”. She helped me improve my relationship with myself and today, doors are opening, and I’m feeling more confident and happier! Thank you Natalie.”

Janet de Melo

“I hired Natalie at the beginning of the year, after I’d been inactive for some time because of the pandemic. The sessions with Natalie enabled me to refocus on what is essential to me, uncover my current priorities, take time for myself and begin an important professional transition. I gained self-confidence, which gave me the strength and perspective in order to face things at the right time. I recommend her expertise and her listening skills without the slightest hesitation!”

Edith Berny, Head Chef/Consulting/Coaching

Edith’s Kitchen

“I had mental health care with two professionals before starting my coaching journey with Natalie, but the work done with her has a concrete positive and transformational impact on my life.  I have made more progress in a few months than during a year and a half with my mental health professionals. Thanks to Natalie, I have been able to take action and I’m feeling and becoming more independent. I’m happy and proud that Natalie is my coach, she’s been a blessing!”

Céline Neveu

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